Apartment hacks that save you time and money


What makes apartment hunting so difficult? Usually its the amount of time wasted running around in circles taking apartment tours! Here are some of the hacks and tricks that will make the process of finding your next apartment in the neighborhood you want easier.

The first section will give you hacks that can save you money, and the other will tell you how you can get leads for the best apartments for you.

Hacks that can save you money

  • Do you have an apartment budget? If not, you’re in for a big surprise. Come up with a concrete budget that you absolutely will not go over. Be sure and write it down. This will help you narrow down your apartment options as well. If you see an apartment you like but it’s too much, cross it off your list. That one is just too expensive. As easy as this sounds, many renters have a hard time staying within their apartment budget.
  • Ask the leasing agent how much utilities are; including electricity, gas, and water. They are probably not included in the rent. How much on average it will run for you in a month? Remember that in the summer month you will turn up your a/c unit. Expect larger expenses during June, July, and August. If you can, ask a tenant what their rent bills are. They actually live there. The landlord probably doesn’t!
  • If you can, rent in the Winter. Did you know that many apartments will run specials and deals during this time. Foot traffic in the communities usually dies down during these times. Its a great opportunity to pick up a unit with a month’s rent absolutely free.
  • Pet owners, apartments are now charging fees for pets that will add up; and in many cases put you over your estimated apartment budget. Some apartment complexes will have a non refundable $200 deposit. On top of that, some communities are charging $15-$25 dollars in monthly pet rent as well. Be sure and ask the leasing agents if any dog breeds are prohibited.
  • Does your furniture fit inside your new apartment? Be sure and bring a tape measure with you when you tour. If it’s too big, you might have to buy a new bed or furniture pieces. Sometimes rental homes have narrow doorways making it nearly impossible to bring in your stuff. This will cost you additional money if you’re forced to purchase new furniture.
  • Many apartment complexes will have black friday specials! Most people aren’t even aware of this little hack. And these apartment specials are literally incredible!
  • Ask your leasing agent about deals on vacant units! These are the ones that apartment managers tell their leasing staff they need to move fast.

Hacks that can get you leads for potential apartments.

  • The number one hack that you can afford. Ask your friends what apartments they recommend. You can do it in many ways. You can either ask them directly, or put out a post on Facebook or Twitter. You might be surprised at the feedback you get, and how quickly it comes in. The benefit of doing apartment hunting like this is that you can avoid bad deals. Instagram is also a big avenue. This is great for photos!
  • Go onto the internet and just do a Google Search. We live in the age of information, and there is no limit to what one can learn or know at the fingertips. Google your apartments and generate leads from there. The best thing about using a web service like google is that it allows you to narrow down your results by city and neighborhood. Plus many renters will leave actual reviews of the apartment communities
  • Us an apartment locator. Not sure what this is. Many big cities like Houston and Dallas have real estate agents that find apartments for people. It’s a great service for renters because its 100% free.
  • Go Remote. Checking out neighborhoods is another way of hunting for apartments. You can stroll into neighborhoods and look out for signs that say “for rent” You can also ask people in the neighborhoods if they know any place for rent. This is apartment hunting, literally. These types of apartment listings won’t be online.
  • Many times renters won’t pay attention to listings without photos. They just scroll over them online. Don’t fall into this trap. This just means the landlord or apartment manager is a little lazy.

So, these were are of the hacks and tricks that you can try for your next apartment hunt. Look for reviews. You can find it online or from the people in the neighborhood. It will help you avert possible dangers and fraud. It will bring to the notice things that you might miss on your tour of the house, with that, happy hunting folks.

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