How Much Does Real Estate Cost in Everett MA?


The real estate market in Everett MA is far from the most active in Metro Boston by any stretch of the imagination.  Everett has recorded only 247 residential real estate sales in the last 365 days according to MLS, which is second lowest out of the 21 suburbs closest to Boston.  Regardless of the low volume of sales, Everett does offer buyers something unique that is hard to find elsewhere in the Boston area, and that’s affordability.

Everett Real Estate Prices By Property Type

Everett’s median condo sale price of $406,896 is significantly lower than Boston’s median condo price ($698,313), and well below the average for all metro suburbs ($599K).  The data suggests that condo and multi family sales are the norm in Everett.  Out of the 247 property sales from the past year, 141 of those were for multi family homes in Everett and the remaining 106 for condos.  Single family did not record a single sale in the past 365 days in Everett.

So if you’re searching for homes for sale in Everett, expect to see a mix of both multi-family properties as well as condo units within multi-family properties.  Everett condos and multi families are priced affordably even when compared to other suburban neighborhoods.  The median sales price for multi-family homes for sale in Everett is $795K in the past 12 months, which is the 9th lowest median for multi family properties out of all 50 neighborhoods in Metro Boston.

Everett Real Estate Prices By Property Size

If we break down Everett’s median sale prices by property size, we see much of the same.  Both 1 and 2 bedroom properties in Everett have a median sales price under $450K.  There are only 8 other areas out of the 50 neighborhoods closest to Boston where the 2 bedroom median price is under $450K.

Based on these figures, Everett appears to be a great option for an investment in Boston.  Prices are among the lowest in the metro area and it’s a short 20 minutes drive into the City.  Prices will likely go up in Everett as many home buyers become priced out of other metro markets when interest rates rise later this year.  All MLS data provided by Boston Pads.

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